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About the Author

TYLER W. CHILDS is a filmmaking missionary, passionate about storytelling and equipping the next generation to pursue creative excellence. His projects have taken him to over 15 countries and include both feature films and television shows with networks such as National Geographic.


His new book, Awaken O Dreamer, calls upon creatives to awaken the dreams that may have slipped into slumber. Explore what it means to partner with the Lord in the creative process and practice submitting ideas to Him. Learn how to place your identity in Christ instead of your art. Focus on telling good stories that glorify God and pursue a new level of creativity.

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What is Parable International?

Parable International is a ministry dedicated to training creatives to pursue excellence in entertainment. Through media, education, filmmaking and most recently, literature, we strive to help dreamers achieve their creative callings in life.


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