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Hey There

We're the Childs Family! We first began our ministry journey with Parable International in the summer of 2021. We sold our house, bought an RV and hit the road full time. We left everything that was comfortable to seek His Kingdom first and serve the body of Christ. While on the road, we teach in churches, train ministries, make movies and serve where the Lord leads. If you want to follow our journey, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter below and follow us on Social Media!

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Tyler Childs

Tyler comes from an entertainment background. He's produced movies, tv shows and other types of creative projects around the globe. Having worked in the industry, he is eager to see ministries catch the vision of Parable International and train in the way of industry standards. Tyler leads and teaches the Parable training sessions. In addition to creative training, he is an ordained minister with TMCI and has preached in churches around world. Check out his IMDB page and follow him on Instagram for updates.

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Becca Childs

Becca has a huge heart for kids, especially ours! She stays busy raising our three disciples, Riverlyn, Zion & Eden. While on the road, Becca has run Kids Clubs in the projects, mentored young women and had bible studies for wive's in ministry. She is living out her dream as a missionary family, traveling full time and serving the Lord together. Before she married Tyler, she spent time serving in Central America on missions trips and has always been on purpose about making sure children know that there is an amazing God who loves them. Be sure to follow Becca's Instagram page below for RV/Missions updates!

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