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YWAM Collaboration

YWAM has a special place in our hearts. Tyler first joined YWAM in Kona in 2011, several years later, we attended a DTS as a family in Texas. Our ministry was born out of our partnership with YWAM and will continue to work with bases all over the world. If you're in the mainland US, we travel by an RV, so it makes partnership and hosting ultra simple. If you're out of the US, we have passports and are ready to hop on a flight!

School Lecture

Allow us to partner with your DTS or secondary school. We'd love to assist your class in any needs you see fit. We have experience leading anywhere from one day to a full week. Key topics include Creativity, Calling, Partnering with the Holy Spirit, Surrender, Missions, Family Ministry & more. 


Communication between departments and the creative team is vital. Our team is ready and willing to consult and assist with making the communication process simple and smooth. We can talk through marketing concepts, department requests and team delegation.

Staff Training

Could your base staff or creative team benefit from storytelling training?  We offer a variety of training including: Filmmaking, Writing, Marketing, Lighting and Creative Collaboration with the Holy Spirit. We've spent upwards of 6 weeks at a single base teaching and training with YWAM staff around the globe

Create Together

Have a project in mind that you could use help with? We don't mind working with you and your team on a creative project. We'd love to help you create and make art that brings glory to the Kingdom.

Host a Creative Night

Does your base want to host a creative night? We talk about what it means to be a Creative that follows the Lord and pursue excellence in the arts. Our goal is to spark a new creativity in the hearts of the Body of Christ.

Additional Needs

Is there a need we can help with?  We've built film studios, provided disaster relief, run children's programs, worked with homeless and more. We are missionaries and desire serve where the Lord leads.




Studio Build

Staff Training

Student Class

Base Projects



Disaster Relief

Staff Training

Homeless Ministry

Base Projects

Children's Ministry



Staff Training

Base Creative Night

Video Outreach

Team Consultation



Staff Training

DTS Lecture

Technical Consultation

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